Your Partner in Robotics




Our team has strong synergies with industrial and academic partners in applied research projects and has been involved in research projects at local, national and at European level, concerning robotics and automatic control.

In our laboratories several prototypes of industrial robots, service and mobile robots have been designed and built.

European projects:

  • ROBOVOLC (A Robot for volcano Inspection) 5FP
  • EUROBOT (Robotic Competition) 6FP
  • CLAWAR 1,2 (Thematic Network Climbing and Walking Robots) 4FP, 5FP
  • EURON (European Robotic Network) 5FP, 6FP
  • RAPOLAC (Rapid Manufacturing of Large Aerospace Components) 6FP
  • MOW-BY-SAT (Mowing the Lawn By Satellite) 7FP
  • TIRAMISU (Toolbox Implementation for Removal of Anti-personnel Mines, Submunitions and UXO) 7FP

National projects:

  • TECSIS (Underwater robot for archeology)
  • RACAR (Artichoke picking robot) Regione Siciliana
  • Greenhouse Spraying robot (MIPAAF)
  • UAV-VOLCAN (in cooperation with INGV)
  • Neurosurgery Robot (CTO Alesini Roma, Cardarelli Napoli)
  • PLAST-IC Manufacturing of Polymer based semiconductors