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Service Robotics

Industrial Robotics

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Embedded Systems

Service Robotics

Etnamatica designs, provides and integrates service robotic systems.
The main activities in the field of service robotics of Etnamatica s.r.l. are:

  • Design
  • Modeling / Simulation
  • Soft-computing control techniques
  • Development of embedded systems for localization / navigation

In our laboratories several prototypes of mobile robots and service robots have been designed and realized:

  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV)
  • Fully Autonomous & Remotely Operated Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV)
  • Neurosurgical robotics
  • Climbing Robots
  • Agricultural robots

Etnamatica designs and integrates systems in the field of service robotics:

  • Attitude / position sensors for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) / Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV):
  • - Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)
    - Air Data Attitude and Heading Reference System (ADAHRS)
    - Inertial Navigation Systems (INS)
  • Vision systems and image processing tools
  • Simulation tools
  • Satellite based localization systems (GPS), Augmentation systems (EGNOS, RTK-DGPS, A-GPS)
  • Traction systems
  • Mechatronics
  • Sensors


Industrial Robotics

Etnamatica designs, provides and integrates industrial manipulation systems.

Our team has decades of experience in the field of industrial robotics.

Etnamatica integrates the most technologically advanced robots (both collaborative and not) to provide simple, reliable and flexible systems.

After an analysis of the process specifications and of the existing systems, ad hoc architectures are chosen to maximize the “production / cost” ratio.

Etnamatica also provides and installs perimeter security islands.


Industrial Automation

Etnamatica designs, integrates and provides industrial automation systems.

Our team studies solutions that allow a rapid change of production cycles, maximizing the efficiency of the system and reducing the production costs. Any subsequent modification / expansion would be easily implemented.

The team provides solutions to the needs of process automation using industrial standards (PLC) and advanced applications (Programmable Automation Controllers - PAC).

Etnamatica also develops and installs SCADA systems, to locally or remotely monitor and operate on the system.

The connection of the devices is guaranteed through the adoption of fieldbuses in accordance with the specifications imposed by the project (minimum cycles, bandwidth, transmission rate): from the classic field buses (Profibus, DeviceNet, CANopen) to Ethernet-based buses, that offer advanced real-time performance (EtherCAT).


Embedded Systems

Etnamatica performs design and development of hardware, firmware and embedded software systems.
Our team takes care of all the phases needed to realize high-tech systems:

  • System analysis: according to the specifications of the system and to the customer needs, the hardware and software architecture are chosen.
  • Design of the architecture: in this stage hardware devices identified in the previous phase are manufactured and / or assembled; moreover, prototypes are developed, if needed.
  • Test of the prototypes and of the architecture: laboratory tests are executed to verify the functionality of the system. At the end of this phase the system can be tested on-site.
  • Engineering / Industrialization
  • Final product realization and supplying

The following technologies are adopted:

  • FPGA
  • µControllers
  • DSP
  • Embedded PC

The main application areas are:

  • Electronics
  • - Analog electronics
    - Digital electronics
    - Power electronics
    - Actuation systems
    - Sensors
    - Localization systems
    - Signals acquisition, data logging, analysis
  • Robotics
  • Telecommunications
  • - Sensors network
    - RFID
    - Data Transmission Systems
    - Radio Frequency Systems: bluetooth, zigbee, gsm/gprs/umts...
    - Networks (wired e wireless)
    - Line carrier systems